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Django Installation Steps

Oct. 14, 2022
Author: Asif Shahzad | Full Stack Web Developer

Django is a Python web framework, so you need to have Python installed on your system. You can download Python from the official website, When installation finish then follow these steps for Djnago installation:

1. Create virtual environment

Create a folder of your project and open it. Select address bar and type CMD and press ENTER. Command Prompt will open in that location.

My project name is Project in this case. Now create virtual environment using following command:

python -m venv venv

 It is suggested to have a dedicated virtual environment for each Django project. When created, activate virual environment by using following code:

.\venv\Scripts\activate # Activate for Windows

source venv/bin/activate # Activate for Mac OS

Activated virtual environment looks like this:

Activate the virtual environment every time you open the command prompt to work on your project.


2. Install Django

pip install Django

This will give the following result:

Type following to upgrade

pip install --upgrade pip

Now Django is istalled successfully!

pip list command will give you the list of all the Python packages that have been installed in your virtual environment with versions.

If you want only Djnago version then use following command:

django-admin --version


3. Create Project

Decide a suitable name for your project then follow the code:

django-admin startproject mysite

cd mysite

python runserver

This will show following result:

Type in the address bar of browser and press ENTER.


You can see the folder Project and another folder named mysite

4. Create App

Apps in Django are designed to be modular and reusable, which means that they can be easily integrated into different projects. This allows developers to build complex web applications by combining different apps with different functionalities. Type the follwoing code to create an app:

python startapp main

App named main is created with its components like,, etc



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