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Django Pagination Steps

Oct. 24, 2022
Author: Asif Shahzad | Full Stack Web Developer

 In Pagination technique, we break a big data to multiple pages that improves the user experience and speed of loading. Django provides a Paginator class for this purpose. The easiest way for this task is expalined here.   

Add at the top of

from django.core.paginator import Paginator,EmptyPage, PageNotAnInteger

In blog function add this code:

def blog(request):
    posts = Post.objects.all()  # fetching all posts
    p = Paginator(posts, 5)  # creating a paginator object
    page_number = request.GET.get('page')  # getting the desired page number from url
        page_obj = p.get_page(page_number)  # returns the desired page object
    except PageNotAnInteger:
        # if page_number is not an integer then assign the first page
        page_obj =
    except EmptyPage:
        # if page is empty then return last page
        page_obj =

    return render(request, 'index.html', {'page_obj': page_obj})

Now in template add this:

{% for x in page_obj.object_list %}
    # your content should be here--------------------      
{% endfor %}

# Your pagination at the bottom------------------------
        {%if page_obj.has_previous %} {# whether the previous page exists #}
            <a href="?page={{page_obj.previous_page_number}}"><</a> {# link to the prev page #}
        {% endif %}
        <span>{{page_obj.number}}</span> {# the current page number #}
        {%if page_obj.has_next %} {# whether the next page exists #}
            <a href="?page={{page_obj.next_page_number}}">></a> {# link to the next page #}
        {% endif %}

The final page is here:

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